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Grantors and Donors

  • State Grant-In-Aid 
  • Malama O Puna
  • County Contingency Funds 
  • Atherton Family Foundation
  • Kosasa Foundation 
  • Island Naturals 
  • RSF Social Finance 
  • The Interbeing Universal Fund 
  • Vangard Charitable
  • Fidelity Charitable 
  • Core Dance / Global Waters
  • Glogal Giving
  • GivGab

We at Hawaii Environmental Restoration (HER) would like to offer our sincere gratitude to community grantors and donors who have so generously supported our environmental efforts. We thank you so much for regarding our dedication to the restoration and preservation of Keau’ohana native rainforest, and HER community environmental education as worthy causes! It truly is community supporters and organizations like these that give us hope for the whole planet!

With the loss of State financial support as a result of our global pandemic, HER has consolidated a large database of grant opportunities that has been a source of direction in moving forward. We have also come to realize through the pandemic that the local community is our most important resource, and have begun a number of fundraising approaches.   Generous donations by community members and businesses, and grants by community foundations make it possible for HER efforts to continue!