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This page offers videos associated to Hawaii Environmental Restoration’s  efforts and special events in a consolidated location. Please, enjoy! 

Puna Rainforest Video

This is Hawaii Environmental Restoration‘s primary information video, which is also found on the home page, along with a full description of our  Keau’ohana rainforest restoration project and educational program. 

Keau'ohana Core Dance Event 2021

This video displays the artistry of June’s collaborations with Core Dance Keau’ohana, for the Global Water Dances (GWD) event on Friday, June 11th. This was GWD’s sixth yearly event, a movement which began 10 years ago working and dancing together for safe water! More than 180 locations danced this 2021 from June 8th (World Ocean Day) through June 13th!

The Keau’ohana video was produced to offer a blessing to the Keauʻohana Rainforest and all the forests and waters of Hawai’i and around the globe. It is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of our forests as fresh water sources for natural ecosystems and human sustenance. 

The event’s activities highlight the challenges facing Hawaiʻiʻs lowland native rainforests, and why it is important to protect and preserve the small amount of lowland forest that remains. Although Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death (ROD) has affected the forest as seen in this footage, much of Keau’ohana  retains shady areas with a thriving understory.

Global Water Dances Compilation Hawaii 2021

This compilation of all three events facilitated by Core Dance in Hawai’i between Hawai’i Environmental RestorationHawai’i Wildlife Fund, and Volcano Art Center on Friday, June 11th was produced to inspire action and international collaboration utilizing the art of dance to illuminate water issues on a global scale. One might not think a forest has much to do with water, however forests are part of water shed systems, and they are key in the production of water as they draw moisture from the sky to create rain! Therefore, without our forests, we cannot grow the crops which sustain us.

HAWAI, LA REUNION AU BOUT DU MONDE (version longue 90 mn)

We had the privilege of having a very dynamic group come in from Les Trois Basin, on the Island of La Reunion, very near to the island of Madagascar in Africa.  A total of 20 attendees accrued 70 work hours in invasive species control, hand-pulling, composting of weeds, and wood consolidation in a sizable area below the west volunteer loop. 

La Reunion is a french colony and many of the students and several of their teachers did not know much English. It was very fortunate that Jaya, the project coordinator for Keau’ohana Restoration efforts, is French Canadian, and was therefore able to facilitate a very meaningful exchange with the visiting group.