Keau’ohana Summer Solstice Volunteer Work Party

A big thank you to the ten volunteers who participated in the 2019 Summer Solstice Work Party this Sunday June 23rd!


As a part of every Sunday volunteer work party, after a brief Hawaiian pule in honor of the ancestors, Jaya starts the day with an orientation to new-comers on native versus invasive plant species, and on the restoration strategies used in the management of Keau\’ohana. Invasive plants were pulled and compost piles established in the West volunteer loop. Many thousands of Mamake seeds were broadcast in open areas in need of shade and native plant assemblage in the larger surrounding area. 


Fire ant testing was also conducted by Ann Kobsa, our cherished native plant nursery manager. Good news: Keau\’ohana continues to be free of fire ants. Regular monitoring is essential because fire ants are prevalent across the highway and have been detected on private properties south of the reserve.

<<--Before - Clidemia - Several Hours Later-->>