Winter Volunteer Tree Planting

\"\"In collaboration with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Hawai’i Environmental Restoration has had its second 100-Tree Planting Event of the year, in the precious Keau’ohana rainforest. This was a meaningful way to end the year 2019. Planting native trees in the last of Hawai’i’s native lowland rainforest represents a strong beginning to the New Year as well. It is a message, and an action of intention for the restoration of the environment which sustains our lives.

\"\"It was a joyous event, which gathered over 34 people and accrued 137 volunteer work hours. There were 14 different native species planted, including ‘ohi’a, ‘ohe, ‘ohe makai, lama, alahe’e, loulu, akia and hala. With the loss of canopy to Rapid Ohia Death, and in hopes for more biodiversity and shade building options, a couple individuals of higher elevation pilo, na’u, ho’awa, papala kepau, kawa’u were planted as experimental. Several of the endangered ha’iwale were also planted.

Without our rainforests, we could not eat, drink, nor breathe. On a collective level, such a realization can come to bring immeasurable repair to a planet taxed with over-development. Tending the land wherever we live is of utmost importance. For this we wish to thank those of you who joined our efforts in the forest this past Sunday. THANK YOU… for actively understanding what it will take to evolve into a more sustainable existence!