Winter Solstice 2020 Tree Planting

A sunny day in Keau’ohana Rainforest on the Winter Solstice planting 192 ‘ohe seedlings

Solstice tree planting was a delightful success in Keau’ohana on December 21st. The sun shone brightly in light of a new year, as 20 of us separated into groups of 5 to plant a total of 192 ‘ohe seedlings along the west and connecting trails. We are most grateful to all 16 enthusiastic forest volunteers for helping us in rebuilding a strong future canopy layer to protect a delicate understory of native biodiversity.

Winter Solstice 2020 Tree Planting with friends

Events like this bring much joy to our hearts; we feel inspired to embark upon the new year with our lovely Keau’ohana forest ohana. We hope that perhaps now our quarterly volunteer events may resume along with the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. We do hope to see all in the forest again, and again!

We will let you know about the next opportunity near spring Equinox, if all goes well!