2021 Winter Solstice Volunteer Event

The weather did not look promising during this rainy spell, but 10 troopers showed up for a Wonderful Winter Solstice planting event in the forest! Weather conditions were so much better than predicted; it was a comfortable day with a few sprinkles, and even some sunshine!

We began with a short introduction and Hawaiian protocol at our ahu overlooking a beautiful native forest composition in the core of our volunteer area. We planted 30 beautiful ‘ohe trees started by Ann Kobsa in our Kapoho nursery, along with 2 kopiko and 12 akia, for a total of 44 trees! Jon and I planted 6 lovely clusters of the endangered ha’iwale as well!

We all enjoyed being nestled in the forest and getting to know each other. Thank you once again Keau’ohana volunteers for honoring the return of the light with us by doing something meaningful and helpful for our Hawai’i home!


We at Hawaii Environmental Restoration wish to extend our warmest wishes to all of you over this holiday season! And a big THANK YOU to all of you for another productive year together!!!