September 25th Fall Equinox Volunteer Work Party

The Fall Equinox Event was a bright and beautiful day in the forest! Ten troopers carried and planted 140 more ‘ohe trees down in the sites new south edge, where most of our endangered ha’iwale (Cyrtandra nanawalensis) dwell safely within various enclosures. This we call the heart of Keau’ohana because it is where we have the largest population of naturally occurring ha’iwale. And so our planting efforts were to help procure more shade around these important creatures over time! Rapid ‘Ōhi’a Death has really affected the forest site making it increasingly more vulnerable to invasive species. Fortunately most of the ha’iwale is surrounded by thriving understory species such as kopiko trees and hapu’u fern.

Volunteers once again helped make the day, and we are so grateful for it! It is always such a joy to see the familiar faces of those loyal, and to meet new vibrant people coming to make a difference!