HER July Newsletter — A Rich Month

Have you had the pleasure of seeing the glorious ‘ie’ie in bloom? This fantastic vine has coexisted with the native ‘ohi’a for millions of years; it spirals up the tree in splendid symphony. Once part of the dominant vegetation composition in the Puna District along with an eloquent diversity of other species. Keau’ohana provides essential habitat to its survival.

'ie'ie -- Freycinetia arborea
‘ie’ie — Freycinetia arborea

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll see that we are adding posts with 3D photos of native plants on the Hawaii Environmental Resources Facebook page. There are a few lines of description about the history, biology, and/or mythology of each plant. We are doing this as part of our mandate to educate the public and to bring attention to Hawaiian native plant life and forest restoration that we do at Hawaii Environmental Restoration (HER). 

Volunteers of the month, Will Stein and Rain Pacifico

Aside from our regular Monday crew days joined by forest volunteers, the month of June was filled with adventures in the forest with The Core Dance/Global Waters Dance Event on June 11th; HER Quarterly Summer Solstice Volunteer Work-party on June 20th; followed by the Liko Na Pilina special volunteer event on the 21st. Stay tuned for more to come in July! Already we have hosted an event with Connection’s Charter School from Hilo, and are scheduled with the Church of Latter-day Saints for later this month. HER welcomes a diversity of people to meet with a biodiversity of plant cousins!