July 4th Rustic Pathways Group 3 — Awesome!

Rustic Pathways group three was strong and hardy, making a big beautiful difference in a very challenging forest area on the east side. They accomplished a full day of kokua (help) and managed to do so in resilient spirits!  We are pretty sure they came out feeling some pride in satisfaction in giving back to Hawai’i after a couple weeks of enjoyment here.

These young adults return home with increased ike (knowledge) about the cumulation of human impact on our precious home environment, and the importance of taking part in making our shared world, healthier and more beautiful. Beauty in this sense includes what we do not see, in how we feel when working together as a global community in support of each other, and the earth that sustains us! Thank you for contributing to the habitat of so many living beings. Keau’ohana smiles upon you!