Lake Champlain Waldorf Students of Vermont — May 9th

This group of students travelled to Hawai’i from Vermont! Lake Champlain Waldorf is a small independent school that focuses on immersive, transdisciplinary learning.  These seniors chose Hawai’i for their senior trip specifically for the opportunities to learn about the different natural environments present in the island, and how the environment might be reflected in the culture of Hawai’i.

They spend a full hardy day in the forest with the crew accumulating 24 volunteer hours and accomplishing a large section within a strenuous area. The nephrolepis fern which is a non-native prominent ground cover in the forest, here reaches heights of 5-6 feet, making it difficult to penetrate. These are selectively pulled as a daily measure in order to benefit nearby native seedlings.

It was a glorious sunny day in Keau’ohana! We walked out of the forest with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the native composition on the upper west boarder is breathing easy for another cycle!