Revitalize Puna Getting Strong!

This event was “truly exceptional and meaningful experience for all members of the community who took part…that provided over 400 meals and 1,600 plants… and community response continues to be overwhelmingly positive!

The focus of this event held a strong focus on food growing and sustainability, which is a critical component to environmental betterment! Numerous new tables offered the community pertinent information, opportunity, and even an abundance of seedlings to take home!

Spirits were high, stirring much hope for the future, as community members came out of the woodwork to participate more fully in this shared opportunity to make our Puna home what it could be. The  Revitalize Puna vision finds hard-earned momentum, and HER is proud to have been an integral part of it from the get-go.

Keep your ears open for the next occasion; you won’t regret it! And the food is ‘ono too!