Winter Solstice Planting on December 23rd

Winter Solstice was highly productive with 186 seedlings entering the grounds of Keau’ohana, thanks to a small group of 8 participants dedicated to celebrating a magnificent and meaningful Solstice Planting Event on Saturday the 23rd.  It was once again a joy to share in this way despite rather wet conditions. Weather reports warn of another El Nino winter, therefore HER is taking advantage of these lovely rains to assert native life in the rainforest. We are proud to announce that this week alone 257 keiki were planted in the western portion of the volunteer area. 

Another big thank you to Ann Kobsa (final picture/lower right column) for her beautiful work in propagating, nurturing and for donating the majority of these very robust seedlings! We also want to thank Will Stein (Second left above) for his plant contributions. Will is taking gps points of all plantings, and organizing a data base for HER as well; in this way, we will be able to make better restoration decisions over time.