Rustic Pathways July 18th and 25th Groups; and Summer Totals

The past weeks finalized our last two groups for a successful summer program with Rustic Pathways! Much hard work was accomplished with so many wonderful new faces; it was a learning journey for all! The forest is in much better condition in problematic zones surrounding core restoration site areas, and for that the Keau’ohana crew is very grateful. The forest breathes easier as well!

HER Rustsic Pathway experience brought in 6 groups over 6 weeks for a grand total of 90 volunteers who together accomplished 381 volunteer hours in Keau’ohana!  It was a meaningful experience where students from all over the world received a hands-on opportunity to learn about the Hawaiian environment and culture during a two week adventure filled time here.

July 18th Group


We are proud of all these young adults for being part of the new travelling trend, to give back to the land and its people, as a part of showing care and respect when travelling away from their homeland. Though their experience in the forest may have been rather challenging in comparison to the demands coming from what seemed largely rooted in urban living, we hope that on some level they have derived a deeper sense of themselves and the earth upon which they live. We did witness a fair bit of smiles and laughter between each other amid the toil!

Once again we at Hawaii Environmental Restoration offer our sincere thanks for the willingness and effort so generously given. We also want to thank Rustic Pathways for their generous donations toward the work we do; it is very touching to feel such a conscientious approach to traveling abroad!

July 25th Group