Youtube video of HER Malama O ka ‘Aina Presentation

The Natural Environment Resource Capacity Area (RCA) and Big Island Invasive species (BIISC) are proud to co-host a series of webinars talking with and learning from the folks doing work to restore and protect the natural environment of Puna.  Hawaii Environmental Restoration was their first guest, in which as CEO and Project Director, I offered a presentation on what it means to “Malama o ka ‘Āina”,  to take care of the land, here in Hawai’i! 

This was an opportunity to also share with the public about our environmental work in the forest and how this relates to questions of sustainability. It was a pleasure to share the work my team and I are doing to preserve a precious piece of Hawaii’s lowland native rainforest in Keau’ohana. A youtube was created of the event which is open for viewing

If you have an interest in viewing a more consolidated version of this Hawai’i environmental presentation which does not include “technological moments” it has also been posted on HER Youtube account for public viewing: or can be found on the website’s outreach section on the home page. We hope you will take an hour to better inform yourselves about ways in which you as valuable community members could also help support the lowland environment from the comfort of your own back yards.