Two End of Year Holiday Planting Events

                                                                                                                                                              A bright sunny day surprised us all in Keau’ohana on the December 17th Solstice Hapu’u Planting Event, so nicely tucked in between the recent winds and rains! We are grateful to report a solid 24 participants contributing 57 volunteer hours to the planting of over 70 hapu’u ferns donated to Hawaii Environmental Restoration, by Pat Conant from Volcano Village. With such support, the morning passed swiftly, though a good number of us enjoyed lunch together, discussing many forest and vegetation questions.

We mustn’t forget to mention that the Giving Tuesday Event on November 29th also successful contributed awesome support with half a dozen volunteers planting 57 seedlings in the forest. Seedling varieties consisted of ‘ohe, kopiko, loulu palms, and even some uki uki grass, all of which were donated by our beloved Ann Kobsa! It is touching to see so many people in the holiday spirit of giving, come together for the forest. Thanks all so much and Happy Holidays!!!